FN2 low top speed, why ?

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FN2 low top speed, why ?

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Dear all,

I have the following issue with a FN2.
Top speed is 220 kmh which is very low for this model and i cannot figure it out yet why.@220kmh is at about 6800-7000 rpm and it will not rise any further no matter what. Rev limit is set at 8600 rpm.
Car has 4-2-1 headers, CAI rooted to fog light and 70mm exhaust with no cat.
Has been remapped recently, i have added the calibration.
Please have a look. I have no logs at this moment , but AFR at WOT is about 12.5.

Thank you!
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Re: FN2 low top speed, why ?

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You need to post a datalog showing the issue.

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