Base MODS - FK8 - South Africa

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Base MODS - FK8 - South Africa

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Hello everyone.

I just would like to get my base tune/mods setup as I have had way to many differences being told as to what to do.
I am based in South Africa and our fuel here is 95 Octane with apparently no ethanol.
The only mods I have is the Takeda Momentum Cold Air Intake System w/Pro 5R Filter Media and ofcourse Hondata - everything else is stock.
So below was the tune I created and then I took it in for Dyno which i did get some really good gains.
I have now heard and been told that's its not a good to enable full power on 1dt and 2nd as this does increase knock and I must admit it does.
Until i get all my mods right now I just want a decent setup - nothing to really over stress the engine.
Your thoughts as to what mods to enable?
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