***** Please read before asking for basemaps *****

Calibrations for FlashPro Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)

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***** Please read before asking for basemaps *****

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Before asking for a base map please Click on NEW CALIBRATION, or File, New in the software and try the built in calibrations. Just because you have a JDM engine, or slightly different compression or even different sized fuel injectors, you can still get it to work with a few changes to the parameters.

If you get an error code it may just be that the ecu you are using does not have that function and it must be disabled in parameters.

Do not ask for a base map with the expectation you can run under boost safely without tuning. This will lead to your engine being damaged VERY quickly.

Just because no one responds to your request for a basemap does not mean you need to keep bumping the thread.