Active Tuning Stock Tuned

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Active Tuning Stock Tuned

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Gen 8 SI Sedan
Bone Stock using the Stock Tuned calibration.
I assume that this calibration was made using some dyno time. If so, is there any advantage to also using the active tuning feature? If so, AFM or MAP? I've tried both and don't seem to be able to feel any difference.
I have done a lot of work trying to smooth out the lower VTECH point using the VTC tables and believe there is some improvements however, I also think that the active tuning may be hurting the smoothness of the VTECH crossover point. Do you have any comments on this?

Thanks in advance. You have been very responsive in the past and I appreciate how you treat everyone the same whether expert tuner or novice.
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Re: Active Tuning Stock Tuned

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It probably is not necessary to use the active tuning on the stock tuned calibration with a stock vehicle.
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