2 STAGE BOOST CONTROLLER with Hondata output?

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2 STAGE BOOST CONTROLLER with Hondata output?

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I am planning on installing turbosmart 2 STAGE BOOST CONTROLLER ,Image
and it has two solenoids in it. The low boost solenoid comes on when car starts.and it shift to high boost solenoid when the manual switch is activated by driver.
I was thinking as the low boost solenoid is almost on most of the time,it will reduce its life.
So my plan is to give it an output which activates at certain boost pressure like the in the hondata flashpro boost control settings.
I already have wire connected to B2 pin of ECU. Can i use that wire out put to power this controller?
i want to ask what is output type at this wire? is it pulsating one or a continious 12v output signal ?
If it can work what settings i should set in flashpro? i mean the frequency and duty cycle.
and if no can you tell any other such out put? Mine is 2007-11 Si.
if its a 5v signal i can add a relay to convert it to 12v and power the dual stage boost controller..
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Re: 2 STAGE BOOST CONTROLLER with Hondata output?

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I would recommend contacting Turbo smart about this as I am not familiar with how their product works.
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