Injector duty high

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Injector duty high

Post by civicRSA »

Can someone please give me advice on why my injector duty is so high and also my AF seems high even with lots of fuel?

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Post by VitViper »

I just want to comment here since I've been helping him look at the tune.

He has a basically stock FN2 (injen CAI and cat delete) running an FD2 ECU.

If you look at the datalogs (for instance 3.fpdl), 2nd gear the a/f is sparatic and goes really rich. Third gear flat lines and is almost a straight line (in fact from a datalog he showed me last night, 3rd gear was supposedly at 14.0:1 a/f, but this datalog now shows 13.2), 4th gear goes even leaner.

Apparently he has already added 20% fuel to the map because the O2 was reading even leaner..

I'm suspecting there's either an exhaust leak (maybe?), faulty primary O2 sensor, or an injector sticking/clogged? But either way, a 93-94% injector duty cycle on a basically stock FN2 is not something I'd expect to see...