Cylinder 3 Knock

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Cylinder 3 Knock

Post by Oscar_R »


I am currently running the Group N re flash and am getting knocks in cylinder #3.
I notice it only occurs at low rpms, between 2000-3000 rpm.
Current mods are tegiwa manifold and HKS RSK Intake.
Should i revert back to stock tune until i get a custom tune? Also i have tried retarding the ignition in cylinder 3 , with no difference in knocks.
Any help would be appreciated.
Cylinder 3 Knock.fpdl
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Re: Cylinder 3 Knock

Post by Spunkster »

I would recommend not using this calibration until you can get it tuned properly on the dyno.

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Re: Cylinder 3 Knock

Post by typer86 »

I have reviewed the datalog. I recommend to tune the engine.

I have noticed from your datalog:
- Low rpm runing to lean in different cases
- WOT running super rich (lambda 0.81)
- Timing
- determine correct VTC profile (smooth out the bumpy profile which come from hondata GroupN base map)
- determine correct injector timings
- ... and a lot of more is to do...

I can e-tune it for you if you want. /PM me

The HKS RSK system... I do not recommend to drive without heat shield. In city traffic super hot IAT values will be determined.
Few FN2 which I have tuned similar affects I have noticed.


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