FN2 Stock

FlashPro questions & answers specific to the FN2 European Civic Type R
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FN2 Stock

Post by Soken »

Hello !

I'am new and i buy today hondata flash pro,I should receive him at the end of the week

I understand that there is 2 maps in the flashpro, stock and group N
What are the differences between 2 maps ?

The map group N is good for the fn2 stock ?

I have fn2 stock with sport air filter.
i have problem,I have a gap between the accelerator pedal and the time the car leaves
can i solve this problem with hondata ?
Do I have to make a custom map?

Sorry for my english, i'am french, i'am very bad :/

Thank you

Best regards Soken

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Re: FN2 Stock

Post by Hondata »

stock = stock equivilent? This runs the same as stock.

Group N reflash is what you want.

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