K20Z4 Base Map

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K20Z4 Base Map

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Recenty i swap my crx with k20z4 install Kpro v2 and need a base map to tune a car. Car run's great but vtec dont open. Now i'm running k20a2 base map

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Re: K20Z4 Base Map

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Not sure if I'm allowed to share a map but this is a basic Fn2 (k20z4)map the only mod is a gruppe m induction change.It was done by a really good uk based tuner and tested on a notoriously tight Dyno and made 195hp and the car drives lovely in the middle gears loads of 3rd and 4th gear pull between 45 and 85 mph B Road driving is a real laugh.
Hope it helps.
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Re: K20Z4 Base Map

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Iam not sure if kpro working with the RSP based ECU.
If you are using the K20a ECU check the wires and sensors, groundings etc.

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