Help regarding euro fn2 flashpro

FlashPro questions & answers specific to the FN2 European Civic Type R
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Help regarding euro fn2 flashpro

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I am new to the flashpro and i have uplaoded the group n map, vtev is lowered, but have raised to 4250, responsive, really enjoying it.
I have a decat, cat back scorpion exhaust and a pipercross induction kit.

With the decat, i have changed the high and low ignition timing for it to crackle and pop, sounds really good, but will i need it tuned professionally.
Have been running for a week with the decat, notice on one of my datalogs that cylinder 3 has a couple of knocks, is this because of the ignition change or becuase it hasnt had a professionall tuned?

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Help regarding euro fn2 flashpro

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If it is crackling and popping it is not tuned correctly and that is bad for the engine.
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Re: Help regarding euro fn2 flashpro

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A couple of knocks is nothing mate could be low quality fuel .. set up your ecu to flash when knock occurs ...low ron fuel or/and lugging the engine (eg 6th low rpm foot flat) can cause knock
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