tuning fuel on 0 cam angle

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tuning fuel on 0 cam angle

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Hi hondata,

I tuned fuel in all cam angle, but i have difficult tuning the 0 cam angle.

In the other cam angles when i make a run and after I see the datalogs, there is little change from the run before. For example 1 or 2% at most.

But when i am tuning 0 cam angle there is every time a big difference from the datalog I made before. Especially in the first col. at low rpm. At times the lambda overlay says 20% or 30% more or less fuel.

Is this normal?

and when you say tune conservative the 0 cam angle, what is the best AFR on this 0 cam angle?

Thanks again


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Often the first column (and the bottom row) will have lambda readings from when the throttle is released. You can't use the lambda in that case. The best thing to do is to tune down to column 3, then make sure column 1 & 2 look correct for the difference in MAP pressure.