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My question I have is I just did the promts sent in with the flash pro manager . Perfect . The problem I'm having is when I upload the map the fuel map doesn't show any values in the square for any maps i up load. Nor does the map tracing function work at all. I'm currently running windows vista. I saw on the video that you have to have Windows XP, then it goes on to say Vista "pause" then 7. So I was wondering did he mean Windows Vista and Vista 7 or just one or the other that is compatible with flash pro. Thanks -Andy

P/S: My P/M function aren't working so I posted here. I'm a new member.
So I wasn't sure if I was suppose to post all the information requested on the sticky to the public.

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Are you using an AFM or MAP based calibration?

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i had this problem also no fuel table values and no tracing, i un installed fp manager and then re installed and everything works fine now.

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there should be another thread posted by me in here. i had the same problem, turns out i had a incorrect selection. its a easy fix and does not require a re install

edit: i found it so you dont have to search