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STQ Sensor n EPS Does it have anything to do with the ECU?

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:50 pm
by 06_civic_si_gi
ok this is kinda a different question but i been having alot of issues with my EPS n well i been told that my steering torque sensor might need to be re-calibrated if i have replace or changed the ecu or steering rack. (n since i have flashpro idk if that is basically the same as changing the ecu)

sooo my question is that something that i would have to do within the ecu? or by me putting flashpro on it could that of done something to the electic steering?

i dnt know much about how the steering is wired into the ecu or even if it would be... but im trying to find out things before i go to the dealer.

i had a master ase mechanic do the alignment like a week ago n it still pulls hard to the right n after he adjusted everything. it was all to spec. so yeah we tried alot of different things changed out tires, changed out rims, adjusted the camber soo it should pull do the left but nothing works so his final ideas on it was the Steering Sensor need to be re-calibrated or the whole rack its shot...

any ideas would be great (if it has to do the ecu at all)

btw its a 06 civic si

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:40 am
by Spunkster
This would have nothing to do with the ECU.