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Post by ModFreak » Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:28 am


I noticed something weird while trying to fix engine knocks.

At all cam angles in the ignition table (low), my columns for pressure 51 and 63 and rows 1750 to 2250 rpm, whenever I smooth out the table, it will revert to all having the same figure (all cam angle) and the 2D graph will become messy.

I noticed that when driving on my map with/without smoothing, the car will jerk (hesitate) at these RPM across the cam angles as well as knocks.

Serial Number: FP-SI-INT-20075
Manager: 1.1.25
Vehicle: JDM Civic Type R

Attached some screen shots for your support.
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Post by Hondata » Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:01 am

It is because of the way changes made to one table are propagated across the rest of the tables - fuel tables use percentage, knock and ignition tables use differential values. Thus if you add 2 degrees ignition to the 0 degree table, it will add 2 degrees to all the ignition tables. If you increase fuel 2%, it adds 2% fuel to all.

For interpolate and smooth this is not the best way to change the tables. I've changed it for the next release so that it smooths & interpolates for each cam angle table.