tuning without a laptop

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tuning without a laptop

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I have an 06 Si and flashpro. I just installed some bigger injectors the other day and need to update the calibration. I do not have a laptop though... I only have a desktop. Is it possible to upload the new program onto the flashpro unit using my desktop, disconnect the flashpro, take it to my car, and then upload the new tune using just the flashpro?
Is that possible, or does the flashpro HAVE to be connected to my computer while uploading the new tune to my car?
If its possible, can somebody please provide a step by step?
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Re: tuning without a laptop

Post by sc0rcher »

Uploading from the FlashPro to the ECU

To upload a calibration which has been previously stored on the FlashPro:

1. Plug the FlashPro into the diagnostic connector and switch on the vehicle ignition.

• Primary calibration - press the Program button for at least one second.

• Secondary calibration - holding the Datalog button down, press the Program button for at least one second, releasing the Program button before the Datalog button.

*u can check the help for instruction on basic operations
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