FD2 Asia 155hp Automatic Transmission

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Re: FD2 Asia 155hp Automatic Transmission

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jbfd2ar wrote: Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:03 am Hi, I drive a FD2 auto transmission (non type R version) 155hp.
I know that flashpro does not officially support this vehicle. but flashpro still be installed and tuned for this vehicle.

everything is fine, except that, once in a while, the power steering wheel light will come on, each time for a few minutes...

another thing is that, cruise control cannot be used for this vehicle.

what can i do about it ?

there is a map for FD2 auto 155hp in flashro manager, but it does not support cruise control as well.

Please help.
Keeganwcm wrote: Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:27 pm @goodspeed I hope you're still using your hondata on your fd2. I'm in Malaysia too and I just picked up my hondata 2 days ago. Fd2 Asia 155hp AT.
My tuner didn't quite explain how all the settings work neither do I understand them. However I have a very irritating problem with loosing my power steering from time to time per drive. Is this issue related to gear ratios?
Thanks for your help or anyone who can help thanks
I want to use Hondata for tuning my car, cause i've been swap my head K20Z2 A/T into head FD2 Type R & gearbox still A/T

What Hondata Flashpro do you use ? Hondata Flash Pro for Civic Si 2006-2011 ? or Hondata flash pro for Civic FD2 Type R ?
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Re: FD2 Asia 155hp Automatic Transmission

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We no do not support the Automatic 155hp transmission. So you do this all at your own risk and may find that it does not work correctly.
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