gearing input in flashpro

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gearing input in flashpro

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so i have spent some time entering the proper gear ratios for my transmission....i have noticed a couple things that seem a lil funny. while data logging the ecu seems to think im in a gear lower then i am, i think its due to the gearing being so long and whatever mathematical equation going on for the ecu to know the rpm vs speed hasnt been set up to accept the ratios im calibration settings are 1(3.266) 2(1.88) 3(1.212) 4(.0921) 5(0.738) 6(0.647) final 4.389 and my 3rd gear has 40 teeth. second thing that seems off is that i use to run a 4.7 final drive and had to add speed to both the ecu and dash inputs in flash pro, now i have to take away from the dash and add a lot to the ecu. i attached a current cal with the issue
new oxygen sensor 2.12.13 new tranny speedo offset.fpcal
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Re: gearing input in flashpro

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Post a datalog and what vehicle this is from.

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Re: gearing input in flashpro

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I just setup an international vehicle with custom gear ratios using the USDM ECU and the gear selector works fine.

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