Throttle flow vs opening values question

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Throttle flow vs opening values question

Post by adrians »

Hi there, I have FN2 with FD2 TB and I'd like to know more details about throttle flow vs opening table. My questions are:

1. when is this table used? Help files says: "In some situations the ECU will need to know the air flow past the throttle body for a certain throttle opening. This table only needs to be altered for larger than stock throttle bodies." I guess this table is used for example after ECU reset so the ECU learns correct values quicker?

2. What values should I use for FD2 TB? According to my calculations the air flow of FD2 TB should be approx 10% higher than FN2 TB, so should I just increase flow values by 10% ?

3. What about 0.5 column? Now it reads 0 l/min for flow, what if I use for example 10 l/min for 0.5 column?


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Re: Throttle flow vs opening values question

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Since they are editable and you have the actual parts you will have to try different values to see what works best for you.

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