Very large datalog

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Re: Very large datalog

Post by John_fa5 »

Has anyone got this figured out? My files are still super big and unable to compress and send to Vit.
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Re: Very large datalog

Post by Hondata »

1. Make sure that FlashProManager is up to date.
2. Consider running the 64 bit version of FlashProManager (C:\Program Files (x86)\FlashPro\FlashProManager64.exe)
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Re: Very large datalog

Post by aryeff112349 »

any update. today i try datalog using hondata flashpro only for 55 minute. when i download to laptop size for my datalog file still not compress. 400mb
my car civic fd2 type r asia
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Re: Very large datalog

Post by Spunkster »

A 55 min datalog is very large. Try making shorter individual datalogs.
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