Issues with FlashPro manager

FlashPro Manager software
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Issues with FlashPro manager

Post by jcsovidaop49 »

Ok, so here's the deal, I haven't really seen anyone on this forum with a similar problem.

download and Install flashpro manager from hondata, and plug in my flashpro.
says it needs to update firmware, sure.
The app goes unresponsive and never recovers.
I also notice that it's not recognizing the flashpro.
Check device manager, says it has a "error code 10"
ok, try to update drivers, says that the drivers are the latest version, no update needed.
uninstall flashpro manager and the drivers.
Plug flashpro back in, get both power and usb lights, device manager says everything is ok.
install flashpro manager, and I'm back to square one.

anyone have an idea what's going on here?
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Re: Issues with FlashPro manager

Post by Hondata »

I would open the drive manager and uninstall the FlashPro drivers. Depending what Windows you have, the may be the option to remove the hardware drivers when you do so. Select this option if available. Then plug in the FlashPro and let it select the drivers again.
If that doesn't work install FlashProManager on another laptop or PC and see if that works. Then you may be able to use the original laptop / PC.
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Re: Issues with FlashPro manager

Post by IronMan224 »

I am having this same issue on multiple PC's with same outcome each time. keep getting error code 10 failing to start. have tried on windows 10 and windows 8. flashpro shows up in device manager but even after unistalling and reinstalling drivers, still will not recognize the device in the software.
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Re: Issues with FlashPro manager

Post by Jun43 »

go to device manager - disable and enable flashpro til the computer recognize it. it might take 10 or so tries til it does.

someone said if you get a powered usb hub. it helps with this problem
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Re: Issues with FlashPro manager

Post by deibral »

Had the same problem with Flashpro on Windows 10. Never found a sollution as Hondata did not find the answer for that (reinstalling flashpro, drivers, usb drivers etc. did not work). Flashpro started to see the connection after unpluging and pluging the cable for 20-30 times which was a waste of time.

Never happened on previous windows versions installed on my other computers. So I downgraded to windows 7 and that made the flashpro see the connection every time.
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