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FlashProManager V2.9.9

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 2:39 pm
by Hondata
V2.9.9 (12 April 2018)
  • FlashPro firmware updated to version 132
  • Added G Force window
  • [2017+ Civic Type R] Changed ignition timing to show two decimal places. Fixed ignition value conversion. Added knock window tables. Added turbo pressure ratio compensation (IAT2) table.
  • [2016+ Turbo Civic] Added support for 2018 models 5AA-A81 - United States, 5AN-A94 - United States, 5AN-953 - United States, 5AN-A04 - United States, 5AN-A15 - United States, 5AN-A63 - United States, 5AN-C74 - Canada, 5AN-C64 - Canada, 5AN-C53 - Canada, 5AN-C35 - Canada, 5AN-C04 - Canada, 5AA-C81 - Canada, 5AA-C11 - Canada
V2.9.8 (3 April 2018)
  • [2017+ Civic Type R] Added throttle mapping modifications.
  • [2017+ Civic Type R] Added P0299 DTC disable
We have added many of the missing 2018 Civic 1.5 turbo models.

For the FK8 Type R, we have added a few more tables and fixed a problem with the conversion of the ignition table values. Previously the ignition conversion from raw value was 1 degree whereas the actual conversion is 0.75 degrees. The actual ignition timing run by the engine was correct but the value shown in the tables was higher. No changes need to be made to calibrations made with older software versions. Datalogged ignition timing was correct.

Also with the FK8 Type R we have added tuned values for the maximum pressure ratio tables. These tables limit the maximum pressure ratio over the turbocharger compressor, effectively limiting boost based on air pressure and intake temperatures. Note that if you calculate the pressure ratio from the PA and BP sensors it will not match the table as there is a pressure drop from ambient air to the compressor, and also from the compressor discharge to the intake manifold (intercooler, piping and throttle body losses).

We also have added a window to show the G Sensor (part of the VSA for many vehicles). Note that not all vehicles broadcast this value on the CAN bus, so generally only 2015+ vehicles have this channel.

Re: FlashProManager V2.9.9

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 7:35 am
by FlavioSantos
Can you add P047 DTC disable for Civic Si Calibrations as shown in this thread?
Thank you.