Calibration question

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Calibration question

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Hello everyone this is my first post, I'm currently modifying my fn2 type r, at the moment I've fitted a de cat manifold with a panel filter upgrade. In order to run this on the car until it's ready for mapping is their a specific calibration I could use to delete the secondary o2 and reset the eml. I had a cold air induction kit on the car but I removed it as j wasn't happy with the fit quality, hence the reason for the standard air box...

Any help would be appreciated thanks....
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Re: Calibration question

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You can delete secondary o2 sensors with I believe is a tick box job on any map . Just tick the box and reupload .. also I think factory basemap and the n group map would be suitable.. tick the flash eml when knock detected .. and datalog and/or use the af ratio feature on the rev counter to check your fueling.. taking paticular care when on wide open throttle.. i use target lambda values just input the figure i want on the spreadsheet seems to be fine for me .. however the car should be still mapped as close to the real values as possible . Hope that all makes sense
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