EEPROM Memory Test: Error on FP Manager

FlashPro Manager software
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EEPROM Memory Test: Error on FP Manager

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As title says

- Serial number of your FlashPro: FP-CRZ-US-70080
- FlashPro Manager version:
- what sort of vehicle you have: 2012 Honda CRZ
- what sort of ECU you are using: Stock ECU
- anything about the car which has been modified from stock which may affect the ECU: Detailed on the attached calibrations file.
- a specific description of the problem: This error showed up today after upgrading to version of FlashPro Manager. It is preventing me from saving Datalogs and/or uploading/downloading calibrations.

It goes from this:

To this:
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Re: EEPROM Memory Test: Error on FP Manager

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With everything plugged in and the ignition in the on position, go to the Help menu and click on “send information to Hondata support”. Include a detailed description of the issue.
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