Reverting back to reflash instead of stock

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Reverting back to reflash instead of stock

Post by jeremy0203 »

Any plans of you guys implenting a change to where you can revert back to say the regular reflash or supercharger reflash that you had previously to using the flashpro. i think it is kinda messed up that if a person buys the rights to have the reflash and buys a flashpro that when they stop using the flashpro they no longer get to use the reflash.

ive purchased two reflashes and now have the flashpro but am highly debating not using it because if it turns out it does nothing for me and have no use for it i couldnt get rid of it because i would be screwed with having a supercharger and only the stock tune.

maybe implement a feature where it downloads the settings already on the ecu or reads the ecu and compares it to those who have purchased a reflash and gives the option to flash back to stock or the reflash they have purchased.

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Yes I'd like some sort a option like this as i now have bought stage 1 then stage 2 and now soon the Flashpro for my ct-e s/c

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Post by Hondata »

There are no plans for this feature.