Strange behaviour

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Strange behaviour

Post by antkouv »

I am facing the problem seen in the video (link below).

It seems to go into launch control mode (launch was set to 3500rpm). But also has other issues. The fuel level drops from 3/4 of a tank to 0 in 3-4 sec and also the speed of the vehicle is not displayed.

I re-flashed the ECU, set the launch control to 10000rpm, so I could drive the car on track. The other two issues remain though.

I have recently removed the dashboard in order to delete the evaporator and other items, so could this be related to a loose ground or a loose connector on the ECU?
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Re: Strange behaviour

Post by Spunkster »

It most likely has to do with something you have done when removing and reinstalling the dash, I would start there.
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