1.9.1 and new firmware ruined my calibration!

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1.9.1 and new firmware ruined my calibration!

Post by ek9max »

So I'm in the middle of e-tuning my SOS 1200 ap2.

I'm on my third revision and did a pull. As expected, at WOT my AFR is in the 10's.

I get a new laptop an hour later, downloaded 1.9.1 (previous was 1.8.3) and I'm prompted to update firmware.

After it is done, I do some data logs that my tuner requested to complete the next revision.

at wot, I'm in the 17's for AFR. Filled my tank with gas and I'm in the 14's. (weird)

So the new firmware isn't compatible with my tuners 1.8.3 calibrations! What do I do????

I even tried flashing to a previous calibration that he sent to me. Same result. I'm SUPER lean now instead of SUPER rich.

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Re: 1.9.1 and new firmware ruined my calibration!

Post by Hondata »

No changes were made between 1.8.3 and 1.9.1 for the S2000.

Whatever problem you are seeing is from a different cause. I'd start by looking at fuel pressure and the injectors.

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