Stock Tuned map - knock in cyl 3

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Stock Tuned map - knock in cyl 3

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Completely stock engine with a recent valve adjustment. Running 92 octane. Gutted airbox and an engine torque damper are the only mods. I put the stock "tuned" map on it and got a couple of knocks on cyl 3 in my first test run & datalog. The car was warm.

This is my first time tuning, I plan to run the stock "tuned" map until I decide on custom tuner. Are these knocks cause for concern? If not, how many knocks in 20 min are cause for concern?

There's a lot online about a phantom knock on cyl 2, but not cyl 3 and I have no perspective on if these 2 knocks are even noteworthy.
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Re: Stock Tuned map - knock in cyl 3

Post by Hondata »

2 knock counts in 25 minutes is not a problem.

Remove 2 degrees timing and see if the knock count changes. If not, then it is some other engine noise that the knock sensor is reading.

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