CPR wiring help!!!

Hondata CPR (Coil Pack Retrofit) support
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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by Spunkster »

The problem is that you are missing Transistor Q37 on the ECU circuit board.

After many phone calls, and some additional research (with help from Phearable)
Here is a list of ECUs that are kown to be missing Q37:

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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by dlc18 »

Got down to Tim at Xact Dyno and he soldered in the transistor at Q37. Brought it home, plugged it in and it fired right up. SYNC light was flashing and everything was good. I want to thank you again for your time and patients with me and this situation. I know it is difficult to diagnose and explain procedures to people through forums and really know if they are doing the right things. Thank you Matt for your personal attention in this matter as this, at least for me, was a bit of an odd situation. I hope that others learn from this and that it becomes beneficial to those who may run into this problem. A big thanks to Tim at Xact Dyno and Superior Racing Development in Tempe, Az. The both of you worked together to solve this problem and I am once again a happy person with a running car.
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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by xactdyno »

we can add PR4-A11 to the list of ECUs missing q37 as well.

but very nice of Hondata to start including the circuit with the newest shipments of CPRs.

some solder and this PR4 is ready.

BTW - for those of you wondering where q37 is...

orient the ecu with the plugs to your left (s300 should be in lower right corner).
the metal bar running down the middle, q37 is to the left of it.
come down the bar about 2-inches, look left, it's in the 2nd row of resistors, just below IC13.
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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by joel1188 »

hi guys

you can also add P28-G02 ECU to the list without Q37.
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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by VT-Doo »

If an ECU does not have Q37 installed does it need to fitted or have the latest shipment of CPR's been updated to incorporate this matter?


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Re: CPR wiring help!!!

Post by Hondata »

The ECU always needs Q37 to work with a CPR.
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