TSX07 problem with launch limiter

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TSX07 problem with launch limiter

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I have Accord Euro CL9 with Flashpro for TSX07, and i swapped the AT gearbox on the MT. The cut-off (3500rpm) by launch is activated in place, but does not work when pressed clutch. What do I need to check?
Update: am sorry, It was my fault: today i checked launch and it worked! Сan Hondata set up launch controls to minimum speed? If the car is rolling quite a bit - launch control does not work.

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Re: TSX07 problem with launch limiter

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I am going though a simillar project right now. What did you do exactly during the gearbox swap? You had an AT and went to MT? Did you use the AT harnessing and everything? Any MILs or CELs?

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