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TSX Ecu other functions

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:32 pm
by Econobox4
On a 2006 TSX with the 07-08 manual ECU conversion what functions of the car are directly controlled by the PCM? I know the gauge cluster has a module on the back and that the PCM is the primary source for FCAN functions. Obviously the VSA, Gauge cluster and any DBW functions like cruise control will no longer function and can't simply be wired up to another PCM.

My question is if the TSX ECU is eliminated will the BCAN system still function normally other than a lack of the cluster for diagnostic functions.

The end goal being to run the engine functions from an RSX harness and the chassis functions such as locks, windows and lights from the chassis harness and multiplex unit. Keeping or being able to wire in working AC would be a plus. Cruise control, VSA I don't care about.

While I love Flashpro the plans for the car have out grown its capabilities and I intend to run Kpro and an AIM cluster to allow my choice of fuel, nitrous control, and more options on intake manifolds and throttles.

Admin please move to correct area if this isn't the place for this discussion. Thank you!