Stock/Modified Calibrations

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Stock/Modified Calibrations

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Is the "stock calibration" that is included the actual factory honda map/settings, or a stock map configured/tuned by you guys? I know the modified calibrations are tuned/modified "stock" maps. If you remove flashpro from the car, like were to revert back to full stock, does that load and put the ecu back to original honda specs?

I have never messed with Flash Pro, so I am just curious if these are true honda factory tune or a built map from the Hondata Pro's. Since we all know how well "stock/base" tunes work with chipped ecu's and stand alones.
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Re: Stock/Modified Calibrations

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IF you go to Online and choose Return to stock, that goes back to an OEM stock program. The stock calibration in the list of calibrations is a stock equavalent which has been modified the Hondata changes.

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