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Up shifting problem ?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:55 am
by alollini
I notice two very different up shifting conditions and results, and i think it should be all the same.

My problem is i can't up-shift in a clean way above "5500-ish" rpm.

I notice a behavior where the rpm is kept for a second while shifting at low rpm, and this is cool while driving like grand-pa and coasting/cruising = perfect.

At higher rpm the behavior is completely different, with impression of throttle closing completely, fuel cut, serious shake.

I tried to upshift faster and faster (maybe i am not fast enough ?) but anyway i try, there is still that BANG feeling like i hit a rock with two front weels.
the car is loosing momentum when i upshift at high rpm, and that is frustrating.

shifting is sooo smooth at lower rpm, i think there is something wrong.

should i let some throttle while up shifting ?

is there a way to fix that ?

I see "Overrun fuel cut delay"
1 => 70
2 => 70
3 => 70
4 => 70
5 => 70
0 => 60

this problem may refer to rev hang, but i am not sure: i have read the posts about TSX, and i don't think this applies here.

I don't know exactly where is the limit between smooth and rough up shifting.

Re: Up shifting problem ?

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:28 am
by alollini
tried that :
"Overrun fuel cut delay"
1 => 80
2 => 80
3 => 80
4 => 80
5 => 60
0 => 10

ok, i have no more fuel cuts between gear changes. But there is still that inevitable "bang", i suppose it is just normal engine shake due to clutch closing and rev difference due to gearing.

do you keep some throttle while shifting ?