Turbo CR-Z Issues!

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Turbo CR-Z Issues!

Post by numberoneoppa » Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:15 am

Hello everybody! After struggling with a few bugs on my CR-Z, I've finally created an account to try and figure out what's the matter.

List of issues:
1. Quite a bit of engine knocking, roughly 1 per minute on average, mostly concentrated on cylinder #1.
2. Throttle cutoff when I give push throttle down quickly (not necessarily TP=100, but it's the rate of throttling). Whole engine stutters, RPMs drop, and then it picks back up after a second or so. Happens in all gears afaik. Tuner suggests throttle tip in controls but such are essentially absent from the CR-Z Flashpro options.

About build:
Stock block/head LEAMF6 (L15A7 with a different intake chamber, rocker and cam assembly, and IMA),
Unified exhaust port head with header that just goes about 3-4" or so to a Garrett GTX2860R turbocharger.
Hondata 4Bar MAP sensor.
S/D tune, MAF tables unused, MAF plugged in for intake air temp.

I'm on vacation now but I plan to attack all of these issues as best I can when I'm back with my car. Also, sorry, I don't have any recorded logs but I can upload my tune if that would be of any use to anybody who wants to try and help.

My plan of attack for 1:
I'm at 7-temp plug now, up a level from the OEM 6, and running 93 octane. Before switching to an even colder plug, I'm going to switch the coil packs around to see if the knocking concentration also moves (aka, coil pack from Cyl1 to Cyl3 which before had 0 knocking). If this seems to be the issue, I might just upgrade to some aftermarket coil packs. If not, I'll swap to the colder plugs and see what's what.

Further information on 2:
I noticed that this started to happen as soon as I put the turbine on and ran it around the block without changing tune, or injectors (compressor disconnected, no boost). It continues now that I am running boost and ID1000 injectors. Hmm, I do believe I may have had the spark plugs changed, though (again, just one step colder than factory).

Please help, solutions would be amazing, but I'll take insight for now (no pun intended)!

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Re: Turbo CR-Z Issues!

Post by Spunkster » Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:38 pm

You should remove timing from the area of the map where it is knocking.

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Re: Turbo CR-Z Issues!

Post by numberoneoppa » Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:05 am

Thanks, I'll try and upload a log. Could you help me pinpoint the location?

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