First time datalogging

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First time datalogging

Post by Apparation »

Hey guys,

So here are two different datalogs of my 08 RDX with a CP-E intake and flashpro.

I flashed the ECU with the base (TUNED + K&N SRI) option. Did a few pulls and noticed some knocking with the knock retarding the timing alot.
I think its running lean, but why would hondata put out a base tune with these unsafe numbers??... please let me know what ya guys think.

The first datalog I was able to do a few WOT pulls
The second datalog was under light to medium load and it knocked even more.

(1.34 MiB) Downloaded 47 times
(1.39 MiB) Downloaded 44 times

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Re: First time datalogging

Post by Hondata »

The intake is causing the engine to run about 7% rich. AFM tuning will fix this.

The knock control and knock retard are normal. There is some variance between vehicles, and then with different fuel and a different intake you will not run identically to another vehicle.

You need to look at the datalog and identify where the knock control increases, and pull a little ignition timing out in those areas. This will overall increase power as the knock control will be lower.

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