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Boost Control Tables? Boost cut?

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 2:36 am
by Built
Just a few questions here about the platform in general as im used to using all the other tuning solutions like kpro and s300 using a 4 port solinoid or the FK8 type R's among other non hondata products on the market as well. While going through the values available for this 08 RDX i have and flashpro im noticing no available tables for wastegate duty per say, only the "target boost" which is like 11 cells and shows something like 2 bar as factory values (i take it these values are only shown in absolute given the values?). Is there no "normal" way to adjust any sort of wastegate duty on these vehicles or anything like that with stock components? You know kind of like the FK8 type R has even just the basic tables like that for duty. Just seems weird there is essentially no boost control but a single small table that has pressure values vs rpm unless we just use them as a crude way to generalize boost at specific rpm only and do not base it on anything else as it would be on other platforms? (wouldnt be the worst thing i suppose assuming it can scale properly up to whatever the max is assuming 4.311 im seeing on the adjustments which is obviously outside the realm of any current RDX on the planet lol.)

On the same token is there also no adjustable boost cut and only the ability to use or not use the factory boost cut? I see you can essentially enable or disable it along with the cut code which is nice but not being able to set it specifically is kind of playing with fire if a wastegate line blows off or something and factory cut is eliminated due to higher boost. I also feel like going out of the sweet spot on boost for this ecu is going to bring trouble and check engine lights and maybe revert it to fwd randomly due to errors as honda seems to enjoy doing lol which will become a problem at higher power levels.

In the case that im not missing something and there is genuinely no "real" boost control tables here for a factory solinoid or there are limitations are we able to install a 4 port and control that on a random pin of the ecu or enable control maps somehow with that? Sorry for the generic questions it just seemed so strange to me going from tuning all other hondas that have all these tables then coming to the RDX expecting to see them since its factory turbo and only seeing a small target boost by rpm table.

I realize too this must sound like a lot of negative here but it was just concerns i had with this and getting its full potential here for money spent. The fact that the RDX being what it is and not being all that popular in the tuning world even has a flashpro available at all let alone a really nice speed density conversion is priceless. Thank you

Re: Boost Control Tables? Boost cut?

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 9:49 am
by Spunkster
That is how Honda has done it for this vehicle. There is no way to add a different boost control method to this ECU as it does not have that capability.

Re: Boost Control Tables? Boost cut?

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 10:46 pm
by Built
Thank you for the speedy reply here. I kinda figured that had to be the case i was going to edit my post to be just about the boost cut but it was too late and didnt allow it. Anyway as far as boost cut goes this is non adjustable then? Is this a value that may be found or adjusted at some point or does this ecu have too many variables that come into contribution when calculating the cut? This will determine if i will setup a different external way of cutting engine power in an overboost condition and just disabling the ecu's or not.