swap used reflashed ECU with stock ECU

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swap used reflashed ECU with stock ECU

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Hi there,

i want to swap my stock ECU with someone who has the hondata reflash. This is for an Acura RSX Type S. How do i do this? Is it allowed? I understand there is an issue with getting the car keys set to the other ECU. How does that work? Where can i get it done? How much is it?
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Swapping re-flashed ECU

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There's no problem doing this from our point of view. After swapping ECUs you will need to re-key each of your ECUs to the immobilizer and key in your car. Any Honda/Acura dealer can do this, but I would suggest calling ahead and making sure they will do it. Some dealers charge, the going rate is around $80 If you are both close to each other it would make sense to meet at an Acura dealer and do the swap there to save towing, as long as the dealer is OK about the Honda re-flash (most are).