Purge output light, VTEC pressure light, and LED

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Purge output light, VTEC pressure light, and LED

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I have an OBD1 P72 on a 99 turbo prelude

first when i run hondalogger what does the purge light actually mean mine is on some times and isnt sometimes.

VTEC pressure and spool, I notice that i get vtec spool light at my set vtec setting, but no green pressure light like in the example datalogs. I cant really tell if my VTEC is kicking because i have an open dump wastegate and it is loud as hell, there is NO definate VTEC sound like before i turbod it

The LED for the 3 step rev limiter i installed is flickering when i drive, not lighting up fully and in my datalog i get LED light to kick on and off randomly

Also, I purchased my s200 system with the 3 step option and it says 3 step not enabled in my ECU information, is this normal? My shift light does not work anyways

Do I have problems or what?