adding hondalogger

HondaLogger datalogging software questions and answers.
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adding hondalogger

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I have just purcahased a s200 system and it was ordered without datalogging. I want to add datalogging but I can't afford to send the box to a dealer which is too far for me to drive to. My car is my daily driver and I don't have any other mode of trasportation. I was told my someone that if i was to purcahse the datalogging programming through a dealer that I would be able to use the code that I'm givin with the purcahse to unlock the datalogging function. Is that true? My other question is: can I use a palm pilot to unlock the the dattalogging function as if I was using a laptop? I'll be using a palm pilot and not a laptop.

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You must go through one of the Hondata dealers, and once it is purchased they will
provide you with the code to unlock it. You will need a laptop to unlock
the option. Details on upgrading can be found at