Ign timming

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Ign timming

Post by blackcat »

Just starting using hondalogger and the manual says that you can set the base ignition timming under the vehicle tab of the settings. When I go into the vehicle tab of the settings on my version of the softwar that I downloaded from the Hondata website there is no field to adjust the base ignition timming like it's described in the manual. Do I have an older version, a newer version, or do I have some other problem? When I set my distributor to 16 degrees hondalogger says that it is 12.3. If that makes sense to anyone please let me know.
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ya i have my base timing at 15 degrees and hondalogger says its like 17 i dont know why...also my map says i have 22.5 degrees total timing fully boost...sometimes the logger displays like 26 degrees.... :?: