What is the best Palm?

HondaLogger datalogging software questions and answers.
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What is the best Palm?

Post by HondaPro »

Im planning to buy one (need help)
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THe Tungsten T5 is considered the best palm handheld. THere are however other Palm OS based PDAs from other manufacturers. Can't help you with them.

Whatever palm you get you need a special cable which is not cheap. More or less you need 60$ for them!
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If you are just looking to datalog, you don't need to spen alot of cash. I bought a PalmIIIxe on E-Bay for about $12 and got a null-modem connector from Radio Shack for about $5 and I'm golden.

Works like a champ - at least the hardware part.

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Post by dc2nr »

how do u like the palm logger software?

im intrested more in seeing realtime #'s on my car. esp running high amount of boost on my supercharger

does it matter which palm i get? will it be the same display? i need something easy to read/tune with

also can someone post a pic/vid of one in use? i wanna get into tuning hondata, so practice on my car would be a great start.