b18c6 (eur itr) which software ?

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b18c6 (eur itr) which software ?

Post by SnowGuy »

he !
i have a stock b18c6 (eur itr 190hp) and
i wondering which software i can go fore.

ther are
b18c JDM (stock 178hp)
b18c5 whit juncams (200+ hp)

can i go fore the b18c5 jun fore my stock b18c6 ?

what do you guys thing ?
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Post by DaX »

Either probably wouldn't be a bad starting point for a basemap. Either way you go, you should get your car dyno tuned.

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Post by Spunkster »

I would not recommend using those callibrations. INstead, use the wizzard and create your own basemap. Start with a P30 file and make changes to that.

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Post by DutchEG6 »

b18c5 is a gsr engine and no type r engine...

completly different cr's ratio's etc etc