Rev limiter mis behaving...

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Rev limiter mis behaving...

Post by atfrys »

This morning I set my Hondata full throttle shift from 7500 to 8000 and left the house.

About 3 miles down the road my car dies. I look at Honda Logger and notice the rev limiter is being triggered under 200 RPM which is killing my motor.

I set it up to 10,000 so I could at least get to work.

If I set the full throttle shift to 7600 the car dies (rev limiter at 200 RPM again.

Maybe my honda logger version on my laptop not compatible with the latest rom editor roms?

Any Ideas? The clutch switch is fine.


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Post by Spunkster »

Try following the reset instructions listed in the user guide ... 0Guide.doc

You should always be using the later versions of both Romeditor and Hondalogger, which can be downloaded from the forum and website.