TPS voltage problem

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TPS voltage problem

Post by seanb18c1 »

On cold start my TPS is at (2%) .55 volts and the idle fluctuates during warm up. After warm up the TPS is at (3%) .57 volts

according to this:

it should be at .45 volts (0%) or less. How do I asjust it. I have the s200 with data logging.

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Post by pills_PMD »

it's toward the bottom of that page.

but basically you need to loosen it and rotate it like distributor to change the voltage it sends
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Post by DaX »

Question: my TPS appears to be riveted in. To adjust it should I drill the rivets and replace with screws/bolts? Will I need to tap the holes if I use screws/bolts?
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Post by JT »

You don't need to drill it out. All you need to do is to cut a slit on top of the two round top screws. Then remove the screws with a flat blade screwdriver.
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Post by Jaker »

You can cut slots in the heads of the "rivets" (they are actually specially made bolts on which the head breaks off once a certain torque is reached), and use them as screws. Use a Dremel and cut a slot. If the TB can easily be taken out of the car, you can also use a hacksaw.
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Post by DaX »

Thanks! :D