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HondaLogger datalogging software questions and answers.
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99.9% chance your problem is the serial cable your using. I had to buy 3 different types of cable before I could get mine to work. Only one type will work with the system. I wish I knew which it was or i'd share that with you.
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no mods wrote:I was intructed to send it back from Matt at technical support but they DO NOT offer any type of rapid replacement while my stuff is being worked on. and like i said befor i can't give up my only form of transportation while it is being "fixed".
You can do what QUICKSILVER RACING suggested or run in "limp" mode like a few of us had to do. It would be the same if your interface cable from the ecu to the interface box wasn't connected.
and the comment about "If he can't make HONDATA work right, I'm wondering how easy he can a more complicated Standalone ECU. "

I have 2 things to say:

1. If the correct parts would have been sent there would have would be no problem
2. having worked on a AEM in my friends car.. 30 mins of messing around with the program as well as reading a few crutial pages from the manual didn't seem to be all that hard to me.
1. Unfortunately, things happen. But Matt already told you to send it in to get rectified. And they usually ship next day air.

2. Congratulations. I'm sure AEM could have used you for tech support when their system first came out. Especially when most of the well known FAST/Speedpro tuners down here were pulling their hair out when it was first unveiled.

I know someone that first had a 4b with everything, switched to an AEM ems, then went back to the Hondata. Each system was acquired when they first came out... 8)
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You can continue to drive your car without the interface box, but you will be limited to 4000 rpm. This way you can still drive the car as needed, and the interface box can be sent out for testing/upgrade.
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i hear u man... i have way over 1700 in my setup.. 2 p72, s200bd, it was 475 just to get it tuned..
ems has alot of nice options and u can tune it yourself... hondata is nice but i dont think its the best for my lude.