Adding datalogging to S200????

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Adding datalogging to S200????

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Running a S200/w boost. Works great. Wanted to add datalogging so I went to my local dealer, gave them the $200, waited and waited, then got the password/unlock code. Hooked everything up according to the downloaded manual, using the supplied cables, typed in the code, hit OK, go to connect and keep getting the "Datalogging not enabled" message. the com Port is correct, only have one. What am I missing or did I just give away $200!!??.

Do business with Jotech and I sat there and listened to Tony on the phone with someone from Hondata. They had to call back to give the code. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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money not wasted ...

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All you ned to do is call Hondata directly .. give them the serial number off your unit ... let them verify that you did indeed buy it from your dealer ... and they should be able to give you an unlock code, or offer some other technical advice.

When I bought my unit ... I had a similar problem ... called them directly. ..I gave them my serial number, ... they gave me a code ... unlocked software ... all is good ... :wink: