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Type of fuel, ECON mode and ECU Maps download?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 10:30 pm
by DarkCiv
Good evening everyone.

I just bought a Civic X '18 CVT. It will arrive in a couple of days (yes, I am still waiting for the car, and I am pretty sure about reflashing it)

Resuming, in my country, the competitor of Hondata has a very strong merchandising, and a lot of users. But after making a little reserch, I found that for the starter tunning enthusiast, Hondata FlashPro is really more friendly to use. It seems that the forum questions are well better answered than the competitor. And, finally, seems that hondata focus on final user and the competitor on tuners.

My plan with the reflash is way far from hardcore performance. It will be a weekend ride car, to take a ride with my family. What I want is to freedom the small amount of tork, power, and boost that the engine has; and to play with the ECU to make it really efficient in Air fuel Ratio. I want a fun and reliable car.

With that said, I have a couple of questions to ask. Anybody feel free to answer, even if you just know one or two of them!!!

1) In my country, Brazil, it is mandatory an amount of 27% of ethanol in gasoline. All fuel stations and all types of gasoline (87, 92 or 95 RON) has this amount of ethanol. So, the ECU of our cars are designed to run with this kind of fuel, and the perfect number for AFR drops from 14,7 to 13. The question is: when I took a hondata map with 6+ psi, this will have a defined AFR table. How can I deal with this thing??? It will be easy to tune the map for this amount of ethanol in fuel? is there a parameter that I can compensate this diference?

2) When I upload the starter 21 Map on my ECU, it only messes with the normal ride mode? Or it changes the ECON mode too? Because I want to keep the ECON mode really soft. So I can have a smoth behavior on ECON and a agressive behavior on normal.

3)As I have said, because of the big amount of ethanol on our fuel, I think our Civic cars has a different stock map and AFR table than the rest of the world. If someday I decide to sell the car and reflash the ECU with the stock values, will the Hondata FP upload the stock map that is inside its software, or it will reflash/reboot the ECU to its real factory first map? Is there a way to, first, download all the stock parameters from the ECU and save it to use when I need? I am really concerned about this fuel stuff, and the stock/factory maps.

Well, It was a very long post, and I have a lot more to ask. But I think that with this ones answered, I can purchase the FP with no fear, and start learning how to tune after...

Best regards

Re: Type of fuel, ECON mode and ECU Maps download?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 8:00 am
by Hondata
1. You don't need to adjust the ECU AFR because the ECU works using a lambda ratio and compensates using an o2 sensor, so is always based from a stoichiometric ratio. But the ECU needs to compensate for the ethanol content, which is should do from the factory. What is your ECU part number?
2. You can set the torque for both modes, so you can leave econ mode stock and increase torque for the non econ mode.
3. It should put the correct binary back in the ECU. Again, knowing your ECU part would help. (should be 37820-5AA-M60?)

Re: Type of fuel, ECON mode and ECU Maps download?

Posted: Mon May 07, 2018 9:17 pm
by DarkCiv
Hi Doug!!!

Sorry for the late answer. I tryied to this last weekend, but it seems that your website was down...

So, based on your questions, the point is knowing the ECU Part Number. Even to compatibility with Hondata Software.
The problem is that I am still waiting for the car. But now I know that they will deliver for me in a maximun of 8 days.

As soon as I get the car in hands, I will let you know this number.
I am in contact with a dealer, and I am 90% sure to get not only the reflash, but the hole Flash Pro device.

In fact, I just finished the download of FP Manager. I will try it, to see if I can get more familiar with the tunes and tables.

I want to thank you for the amazing Flash Pro Help Manual that is on Support!!! I am reading it, and will to do it entirely. Seems that the more I read, more used to tune I get.

Re: Type of fuel, ECON mode and ECU Maps download?

Posted: Sun May 27, 2018 9:26 pm
by DarkCiv
Hi Doug and all Hondata team!!!

Finally, my car arrived this thursday.

My ECU serial number is: 37820-5AA-M61. It seems that since April this part number is accepted by FlashPro.

I also ordered a FlashPro in may/11/2018 with a dealer here in my country... It seems that some problems happened during the shipping with a wrong adress, or something like that, and my FlashPro probably returned to Hondata HQ.

Well, I will keep here waiting for the FP.

Also, I discovered the phone number of a fantastic guy here, called Diogo Oliveira. I will give him a call tomorrow.