Who's who on Hondata

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Who's who on Hondata

Post by DaX »

Well bring forth the flaming wars, because this is not really an automotive related post.

It's just that I've been on here for about 9 months and I know the names of the regulars on the board, but I know nothing about them. Why not post a little about yourself here [or throw fruit at me for asking such a proposterous thing of you].

My name is Matt Todhunter. I live in Rex, Georgia, in the USA [Rex is in south metro atlanta]. I'm a 22 year old Mechanical Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I work for a biomedical company called SaluMedica and we make synthetic cartilage. I'm just the draftsman...I handle most of the 3D modeling and design work for some of the machinery around here.

As you can see in my signature, I drive a 92 Civic VX [white, well mostly] with a B18A1 and a Y1 tranny. I'm currently in the middle of a rebuild of my S1 tranny, and hope to have it in by mid January. I'm a poor college student, so all my money goes to bills, girlfriend, or car [in no particular order]. I don't have forced induction or Hondata yet, but I figure why not learn about it before I get it. I'm on my second Honda...my first was a 92 Civic CX with a DX motor and tranny swap. My first car, which I got when I was 16, was a 73 Porsche 914 that I spent 3 years building from the ground up, so yes, I was destined to be a gear head. My family laughs because my christmas wishlist consists mainly of bearings to complete my transmission rebuild, craftsman tools, and other random un-gift-like objects.

Besides turning wrenches I enjoy spinning records, camping, canoeing, and deer hunting among other things.

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Post by kp »

yo man my name is daniel. i live in SC. the street scene here sucks. im trying to build the fastest honda around here. i posted to see motor i should use. hit me up on that.

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Post by kp »

sup man i want to build my motor to boost.. i dont know if i should boost on a v-tec motor..i really like the LS cause of its bottom end..

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Post by DaX »

You can really boost on either VTEC or Non-VTEC...it's personal preference. There is tons of information on the web...my favorite place is:


Search before you post though. More than likely the question you have has already been asked and answered.

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it is not where you from but where you are

Post by sleepdc2r »

hello out where ever you are my name is peter i live in kansas i work for my parents as a cook and i aslo dj, jungle/trip hop/hip hop are my weapons of choice i am working on my first acura/honda mosty of the races out here are against muscle heads mainly mustangs i hate sally by the way. i own a 97 intergra that started life as an automatic ls but now i have changed that into a type r i had a phatom grip lsd added to the mix as well as the following up grades

engine swap
tranny swap
lsd swap
v afc
greddy evo full cat back
aem cai
jg headers
nology hotwires
denso irdium plugs
hyper gound system
dc sturt tower bars
dc tie bar
act 12 pound fly wheel
clutchnet racing clutch
short throw shifter
coblat 5 in tach autometer
fiber images carbon fiber hood
and i plan on a turbo in the next few months after my tein coilovers are installed i want to run 10 pounds of boost as an every day driver i am looking to get a rev hard turbo kit and by the way dax i dont care how long you have been a part of hondata but it is not cool to mauck people for where they come from you are younger than i am so show me the respect you want and i will rertrun the favor.. :twisted:

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Post by DaX »

I had to give up twisting out choons for the love of my Honda. I had to make a decision between being a DJ and tuning my car...I simply don't have enough money for both. I sold all my equipment in January and haven't spun a record since.

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Post by sander »

My name is sander, and i drive an integra with s200 with everything but boost and g-sensor. Its an ls/vtec, ive had it (motor) for around a year and a half now. and the car for about 3.5 years. I like hondas alot and have been fooling with them for around 4 years now.

Im a mechanic (mostly european and asian cars) in MD at european sports garage. And i go to school for a music degree at umbc. (univ. of md baltimore count.)

By the way DaX, The 914 is one of my personal favorite cars, we have a couple of hardcore 914 guys come through the shop, and there isnt a car out there in the class thats more fun to drive.


EDIT: Hahahaha wow this is an old post.

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Post by kesnut »

kester from trinidad W.I.
i got my kit last week...
i have a stock JDM VTi civic 1.5 with lsd & ABS, Building the turbo and will install in 3 months, i wanted to get a feel for this hondata thing first : )
ECU is a p08, S200 everything but boost and g-sensor.
i also have a integra 89 ZXi, not chipped... yet

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Post by b20luda »

my name is Mitch...i live in the seattle area in washington...i drive a white 90 honda prelude thats turbo charged...i have hondata S200b with everything except the g sensor...im a Technition at a local honda dealership...im runnin 11psi on a semi built motor...forged pistons...thats it..and im ready to install my fully built motor and LSD trans...we shall se how that goes..this thread is old isnt it...

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Post by spowers »

Hi guys
My name is Sean, I work at Honda R&D, with all of Dougs help and support, I thought it was about time I joined the forum. I am relatively new to hondata, mostly dealt with stand alone systems on the turbo cars (afterhours of course). Just wanted to thank the guys at Hondata for a variety of great products and support.


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Post by DutchEG6 »

My name is Michael

i live in Uithoorn(10km of amsterdam) Holland

im building a eg6 with a GSR engine because i already blown 2 b16's :roll:

SRS camgears
S80 itr tranny
Hondata s200
p30 ecu with IAB :wink:
Cold air intake
MSD spark wires 8,5mm

lot more of things
future mod's....... boost 8)

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Post by K I L R O Y »

Name is Eric. Dax, I will forgive you the Georgia Tech thing. I'm a 35 y.o. Clemson Mech Eng grad. Currently still live in Clemson and run a machine shop in Westminster, SC. We do tooling work, machine design and build, electrical panels, cnc & conventional milling, turning, grinding. Also comes in handy for the occasional Honda part. You get the picture. So if you need anyone to build some of that cartilidge making equip for you, give me a shout. What kinda solid modeling do u use. I'm set up with Pro/E.

kp, i feel your pain, everybody around here thinks BMW's are the literally the "ultimate driving machines". To me, i've been to Germany a couple of times and I know they are just german chevys.

Well enuf about work. I run a 94 EG hatch with a B16A2 / Y21LSD tranny, full GSR interior, and all the obligatory bolt-ons. Originally intended the car for road track (Solo I) and autocross, but got distracted drag racing it. Since i had a fuel solenoid fail on me under 100 hp worth of nitrous and melted a piston down, ive decided to ditch the laughing gas and go with an NA build. Currently putting the engine back together with forged pistons, rebalanced crank and rods, total seal rings, new valve job, Competition Cams 57300 cams, springs, & retainers, exedy lightweight flywheel & 3 puck cerametallic clutch, Hondata s300, TWM ITB's, etc. Should be a good road track build. Also getting serious about the suspension work and putting in a race cage.

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Post by K I L R O Y »

Oh yeah, here's the ride: (site needs updating)

http://home.earthlink.net/~clineautomat ... iviccxb16/

and the email


rp, probably seen u at greer. u ever go?