K20/K24 8th Gen si basemap help needed!

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K20/K24 8th Gen si basemap help needed!

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Hey all,

Just did the K20z3 top with K24A bottom swap in my 07 civic si. Stock everything currently minus RDX injectors. Obviously the cars running to rich and throwing that code. Got my flashpro today and was hoping for a basemap for this setup! Any help would be appreciated. Need an Etest in a few days and have to get rid of that check engine light ;) I tried to find one in the software but I'm not sure if with this setup i can use one on there.

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Re: K20/K24 8th Gen si basemap help needed!

Post by Hondata »

Use the 07 Si stock tuned calibration. Reduce the rev limit to suit the K24. Adjust the overall fuel trim until your short term trim is as close to 0% as possible.

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