Flashpro or no?

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Flashpro or no?

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I picked up an 8th Gen Civic Si 2009, it already has an Injen CAI and an Apexi Exhaust System. Should I purchase the Flashpro or should I add a Throttle Body Spacer and Thermal Gasket and Stut Bar? I don't plan on racing or anything anytime soon but I do want to have fun with the car. Thank you.


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Re: Flashpro or no?

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I would say Flashpro. You would be surprised how much driveability you can gain from a simple tune on a Flashpro. Not to mention fuel economy and safety. Odds are the fuel trims are off with even the simple mods you have. Any reputable tuner will touch up your tune for free after you do the throttle body spacer and intake gasket, if needed, so no reason to wait to purchase a Flashpro in my opinion.
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