Jerky throttle response 2019 FK7 Hatch 6MT

Civic 2016+ 1.5 Turbo
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Jerky throttle response 2019 FK7 Hatch 6MT

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New to tuning. I've run the +3, +6, and 265kpa all on 93 octane. My settings are:

Disable rev hang
Cam angle limit extended
Stage 1 throttle response
Standard throttle sensitivity
Optimized turbo boost
Traction Control Street
Stock intake
Econ mode enabled to limit torque

Everytime I run any of the 3 tunes above, the power delivery under partial throttle is absolutely schizophrenic, especially above 4k rpm. The +3 is the most tolerable so I mostly run w/ that.

Anyone else notice the not-so-smooth power curve? I love the increased throttle response but should I change those 2 throttle settings to something else?

Thanks for any help!
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